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Divorce is a trauma that invades every corner of our lives. We may be heartbroken, overwhelmed by feelings of betrayal, loneliness, and loss.

But eventually the survival mechanism of being human takes hold and we race with thoughts of raw logistics: How we will survive? Will all we have worked for will be taken away? Are even our retirement assets in jeopardy? If we have a business, will it survive? Will we be responsible for the staggering debt a soon-to-be former spouse has incurred? Will we be bullied into a retreat from a lifestyle we have worked hard to attain?

When I started Katzenstein Law over 30 years ago, I had seen how divorce could devastate lives and resolved to apply the law to lessen that tragedy for my clients. I do not measure success by wins and losses, or pain inflicted. My clients prevail when I facilitate their ability to move on with reasonable lives.

As an experienced equitable distribution attorney in Holland, PA, I promote settlement when possible and in the best interest of my clients. But I also aggressively pursue dishonest measures made to obscure financial assets. Restructured income, 'loans' made to relatives, 'gifts' of real estate or similar valuables purchased for family members or close friends, and the myriad other schemes I have uncovered in over three decades of service to my clients. While my philosophy is one of reasonable expectations yielding reasonable results, I have never tolerated deceptive practices imposed to slight people I represent.

Indeed, the most important step is choosing trusted representation. Please do not hesitate to call me to discuss your situation.

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