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Reach an Amicable Resolution with Mediation

Unlike litigation, which can be a lengthy and costly process, mediation can be an effective tool in the case of divorce to resolve issues quickly, privately, and less contentiously. With the help of a neutral mediator, both parties can settle family law matters like child custody, support, and visitation without the need for court intervention. Attorney Robert Katzenstein at Katzenstein Law Offices in Holland, PA, has been helping couples achieve fair and positive outcomes for over four decades, and has developed an intimate knowledge of the mediation process. If you are considering divorce, contact our firm to find out how we can help you reach an amicable solution.

As opposed to litigation, mediation is designed to be a more flexible and informal solution to dividing assets in the case of divorce.

An Overview of Mediation

Mediation is a form of negotiation that is assisted and expedited by a neutral third party. When there is disagreement between two parties, a mediator can help both sides reach a fair agreement with far less animosity than traditional litigation. In the case of divorce, a mediator can help parting couples come to a consensus on how to distribute their financial assets and debts, resolve child custody, and negotiate alimony, among other matters.

When there is disagreement between two parties, a mediator can help both two sides reach a fair and satisfactory agreement with far less animosity than traditional litigation.

Benefits of Mediation

As it relates to family law matters, mediation offers many benefits over litigation, including:

Mediation sessions are confidential. Only the mediator, the parties involved, and their attorneys know what is discussed. Litigation, on the other hand, takes place in public sessions in a courtroom.
Both parties maintain power over the final agreement in mediation. In court, the judge has the final say when it comes to resolving divorce-related issues.
Mediation usually takes a matter of days, weeks, or months, whereas litigation can often take a year or more to complete.
Due in large part to the lengthy legal process, litigation is generally far costlier than mediation.
Mediation is a collaborative process with a shared goal. It is designed to be a productive means of reaching the best outcome for both parties. Litigation is often contentious, and both parties seek to pursue what is right for them.

As opposed to litigation, mediation is a more flexible and informal means of resolving issues in the case of divorce.

Issues Resolved in Mediation

Successful mediation can resolve all issues resulting from divorce, including but not limited to:

  • Child Support  – Determining who will pay for basic necessities, medical care, educational fees, childcare, transportation, and college expenses
  • Custody – Determining who will house and make important life decisions for the child or children
  • Alimony – Making sure spouses with less access to resources maintain a certain standard of living
  • Property Division – Distributing property while taking into account factors such as the length of the marriage, respective earning potentials, age, and health

In the case that both parties cannot compromise, Mr. Katzenstein can recommend the best form of legal action. He is not afraid to pursue aggressive litigation on your behalf to make sure your best interests are represented.

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Over the years, attorney Robert Katzenstein has developed a firm understanding of family law matters, and knows how to unite disputing parties to achieve a peaceful resolution. To find out if mediation is the right solution for you, contact us online or call (215) 322-3400 today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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