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The Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

Divorce can become an overwhelming and exhausting process, especially when both parties cannot agree to legal terms. These feelings are often amplified when handled in court, resulting in dissatisfaction and bitterness. To help our clients achieve a fair and cooperative resolution, we can guide you through a collaborative divorce. Unlike litigation, this process enables both parties to exert control over the final outcome and remain civil throughout proceedings. Family law attorney Robert Katzenstein in Holland, PA, can listen to your unique needs and goals, before recommending the best course of action. To learn how we can make this sensitive situation more manageable, contact our firm today.

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A collaborative divorce can help you maintain civil relations with your ex-spouse, and save you both time and money.

An Overview of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce involves negotiations and mediation to resolve divorce-related issues, minimizing disputes and contention. This method is geared towards achieving an amicable resolution. Of course, for a collaborative divorce to succeed, there must be two willing participants. Reluctance on the part of one or both spouses can fail to yield successful results. However, if both parties are able to compromise, they can avoid the stress and heartache commonly associated with litigation, while saving money on extensive court and legal fees.

Collaborative divorce involves negotiations and mediation to resolve divorce-related issues, minimizing disputes and contention. 

The Collaborative Divorce Process

The collaborative divorce process often follows several steps:

  • Both spouses will hire their own attorney
  • Each spouse will meet with their attorney privately to discuss their goals, circumstances, and willingness to compromise
  • Both parties and their respective attorneys will meet, sometimes with the help of neutral professionals such as child custody specialist, to promote a fair resolution regarding family law matters
  • If finding a resolution proves difficult, a mediator may be brought in to expedite the process
  • Both spouses and their attorneys will sign a “no court” agreement directing the attorneys to withdraw should the case proceed to litigation
  • Divorce papers will be filed along with a settlement agreement

Mr. Katzenstein can assist you with all aspects of your collaborative divorce, so you feel confident in the outcome.

The Advantages

While each circumstance is unique, collaborative divorce can provide many benefits, including:

Reduced Bitterness 
Litigation can be exhausting and result in extreme bitterness between parties. Collaborative divorce foregrounds problem-solving and compromise. It can help to preserve civility between you and your ex-spouse.
Lower Cost 
Court sessions often extend over a much longer period of time, resulting in higher court expenses and attorney fees.
Less Time Spent
Litigation is often time-consuming and can draw out a divorce over a year or more. Collaborative divorce, on the other hand, can be resolved in as little as a few weeks or months.
Increased Control Over the Outcome
By going to court, you effectively relinquish your power to control the outcome. In a collaborative divorce, everything is negotiated, and must be agreed upon by both parties.

Mr. Katzenstein understands the challenges that divorcing couples face, and can provide sound legal guidance to ensure your interests are protected.

How We Can Help

Hiring a thoughtful attorney to handle your collaborative divorce is imperative, as neglecting to do so can leave you at a distinct disadvantage. The goal of a collaborative divorce is to reach a fair and harmonious resolution. As such, a seasoned attorney will handle your case with care and compassion, especially in moments requiring conflict resolution. Family law attorney Robert Katzenstein has been practicing for over four decades and can implement his proven negotiation tactics while advocating on your behalf. Together, we can ensure your needs are met.

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The first step in your collaborative divorce is to schedule a consultation at our firm, so Mr. Katzenstein can review your case. To learn how we can help, contact us online or call us today at (215) 322-3400.

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