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Spousal Support, or alimony, is the financial consideration awarded in the course of a divorce to one spouse, paid by the other, as a shock absorber of sorts, to allow for a reasonable transition to an often harsh new set of circumstances. Robert Katzenstein is an experienced alimony attorney in Holland, PA, that can guide you through the necessary steps to assist you following your divorce. 

Commonly, one spouse may lack the training or education to adequately support themselves after putting career or education on hold to care for the home or children, while the other spouse, understandably, has a much higher earning potential

As with most issues surrounding divorce, spousal support is often the eye of an emotional storm with one party feeling they are paying too much of what they work hard for, and the other party convinced that they are receiving too little under the unique circumstances of their lives and contribution to the marriage. As if matters could not be worse, alimony, unlike the objective guidelines of child support, is completely negotiable, making it fertile ground for tempers, recriminations, and intransigence.

It’s no surprise that spousal support is so often litigated. It is vital to have a strong, effective, and experienced attorney who will never be intimidated or allow their client to be bullied or threatened. I have thirty five years of clients to attest to my successes in doing just that.

Issues to consider: Length of Support Payments. Circumstances that change Alimony. Career or Earnings factors. Trading Property for alimony. As with most issues before the court, each judge has their own set of criteria and weight they accord them. The advantages of 35 years before the bench in Bucks County are obvious. I know the judges and their priorities, I can read their responses and how to best argue for my clients as a result.

I invite you to discuss your situation with me.

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