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Adding to your family through adoption gives you the chance to provide a loving home to a child in need. In Holland, PA, we help families who are looking to experience the joy that goes along with being a parent. Having an adoption lawyer who is familiar with the requirements is essential as you begin the adoption process. At Katzenstein Law Offices, we provide exceptional legal representation in family law matters and share in your happiness when you decide to add to your family through adoption.

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Robert Katzenstein can help you through the complexities of the adoption process.

The Benefits of Adoption

Families who decide to adopt are able to experience the happiness of giving a home to a child in need and watching that child grow. In addition to giving a child a home, the benefits of adoption can include:

  • Providing stability to a child.
  • Allowing a child to reach their full potential by providing opportunities that are otherwise not accessible.
  • Fulfilling a desire to become a parent and share your life with a growing family.
  • Giving a sibling to a natural born child.

Your reasons for wanting to adopt are personal and we understand that for many, being a parent is a dream come true. We work hard to make this dream a reality, and ensure your case is handled properly. We listen to your needs and tailor your case to your wishes by working with you and keeping you updated every step of the way.

All adoption proceedings are special to your family. We make sure your case is in order and all requirements met so you can enjoy the process of growing your family through adoption.

What Does it Take to Adopt?

Knowing your adoption options helps you make the right choice for your family. Common paths to parenthood through adoption include:

  • Agency: An agency adoption is done with a third party agency, which may or may not be in state. If you are going through an out of state agency you will have to comply with local laws as well as the laws of the state where the agency is located. This type of procedure is complicated and having a knowledgeable adoption attorney by your side provides the peace of mind in knowing important aspects of your case are not overlooked.
  • Foster: Adoption through fostering is common but requires interaction with state governmental agencies. Certain requirements must be met to first foster and then adopt and you can expect to undergo background checks as well as home visits. These requirements can feel intrusive and scary, but should not prevent you from considering a foster adoption.
  • Stepparent: In some instances, a biological parent is no longer in the picture and a stepparent may wish to adopt. This type of adoption is unique in that until a biological parent no longer has rights, the path is not clear for stepparent adoption. This type of case not only requires adoption approval, but a determination of parental rights. This multi-step process can become complicated if the biological parent objects, leaving a stepparent feeling unsure of what to do. Our team is experienced in stepparent adoption and knows the requirements for a successful case.

The end goal of every adoption case is to have a child placed in a safe and loving home. Before final approval, parents seeking to adopt can expect to be investigated and have their home visited multiple times in order to provide assurances that they are fit to be parents. These processes can create feelings of worry, stress, or anxiety, all of which can be eased with the support and assistance of the team at Katzenstein Law Offices.

Adoption Timeline

If you have made the decision to adopt you likely want the process to begin and end quickly. The timeline for your adoption depends on several factors, including the needs of the child, the status of the biological parents, the family study needs, and other factors that are unique to your case. The procedure involves multiple steps and can take longer if issues arise. We help minimize obstacles and work through your case as fast as possible.

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