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If you need an experienced family law attorney in the Holland, PA, area, count on Katzenstein Law Offices. Attorney Robert Katzenstein has broad knowledge in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, child custody, spousal support, and adoption.  Whether you are working on an amicable settlement or have disputes that seem insurmountable, our firm is here to help. A compassionate, knowledgeable attorney can ensure a smoother transition and ease some of the stress of a family law dispute. To schedule a consultation with Mr. Katzenstein, please contact us today.

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Mr. Katzenstein has represented hundreds of clients in family law matters, including child support and custody arrangements. 

Family Law Matters

With decades of experience, Mr. Katzenstein has played a key role in the lives of hundreds of Pennsylvania families. A father and grandfather himself, he understands the delicate nature and long-term impact of important family law decisions.

Katzenstein Law Offices is a full-service firm that can help you with a range of important family law issues. These include:

  • Divorce – Dissolving a marital union is complicated, particularly when children are involved. Mr. Katzenstein can help you resolve issues with property division, alimony, and children’s concerns. He can help you work towards a harmonious settlement, or collaborative divorce, or he can aggressively defend your individual and parental rights in court. 
  • Child Custody – Family law judges will always strive to put the interests of children first, as does our firm. We can help with custody plans, visitation, and relocation situations, working to protect you and your children.  
  • Child Support – Many circumstances can alter standard child support calculations, and counsel from an experienced attorney can make a difference in your case. Mr. Katzenstein will seek a fair deal for his clients, with appropriate provision for the children.
  • Enforcement and Modifications – Some divorce cases need to be re-opened, such as when a spouse is out of compliance with the judge’s orders. Our firm can help you enforce your judgment. If circumstances have changed, we can also help you obtain a modification of the original order.
  • Fathers' Rights – For fathers seeking protection from discrimination or wishing to fight for full custody, Mr. Katzenstein provides aggressive advocacy. Our firm promotes custody for fathers, and, of course, argues for custody for mothers when appropriate.

A father and grandfather himself, Mr. Katzenstein understands the delicate nature and long-term impact of important family law decisions.

  • Grandparent’s Rights – Grandparents can petition the court for visitation, partial custody, or even full child custody in some cases. Our firm helps grandparents resolve an unfortunate situation or assert their rights under the Pennsylvania Grandparents Visitation Act.
  • Adoption – Katzenstein Law Offices provides legal assistance with all types of private adoptions. This includes legal adoption of a spouse’s child and agreements between birth parents and adoptive parents. 
  • Domestic Violence – Our firm helps victims of domestic violence obtain a protective temporary restraining order. Clients who face a false accusation of domestic violence may require criminal defense help.
  • LGBT Family Law – Mr. Katzenstein provides legal advocacy for LBGT clients in all types of family law issues, including divorce, child custody and support, and adoption.
  • Legal Separation - Pennsylvania does not recognize legal separation, but our firm can help with a binding Separation and Property Settlement Agreement. This legal document can provide for property division, children’s issues, and more.  
  • Annulment - Unlike divorce, which ends a valid marriage, annulment invalidates a marriage, making it null or void. Some couples choose this route for personal or religious reasons, while other simply wish to avoid the process of divorce.
  • Unmarried Couples – When a long-term relationship splits, you face many of the same issues as married couples. Our firm can help you create a written agreement or resolve property, child custody and support questions in court.

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