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A Domestic Violence Lawyer Can Help You Seek a Restraining Order

Despite how common it is, domestic violence is still widely misunderstood. Many people associate domestic violence with physical altercations between spouses, but it can involve any number of non-physical behaviors such as verbal assault and intimidation. If you are a victim of domestic violence, understand that having a domestic violence lawyer with a history of success is essential. Katzenstein Law Offices can provide the quality, effective representation you need and deserve at his office in Holland, PA.

How Can Victims of Domestic Violence Stay Safe?

If you are in danger, there are steps you can take to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones: 

  • Find somewhere to stay. First, find a safe place to stay. If you have a friend, relative, coworker, or other trusted individual nearby and can safely make it to their home, do so. If not, there are other options: you can stay in a nearby shelter or, if you have the means to do so, a hotel.
  • Contact the authorities, then a domestic violence lawyer. As soon as you find shelter, contact the police and provide them with a detailed statement. It is important that they collect evidence as soon as possible. From there, contact a domestic violence attorney to review your legal options. If you are in danger, we can quickly file a restraining order to keep you safe.
  • Seek mediation or press charges. Sometimes it is possible to resolve certain issues, such as child custody, through mediation. If it is not, our attorneys will not hesitate to press charges.
Restraining Order
A restraining order legally gives you the space you need to stay safe. 

What Qualifies as Domestic Violence?

Broadly speaking, domestic violence is abusive behavior by one household member to maintain power over another, regardless of relationship. It can manifest in many ways, including:

  • Physically – Hitting, slapping, grabbing, pinching, scratching, and shoving are among the most common forms of physical domestic abuse.
  • Sexually – Sexual domestic violence is the coercion or the attempted coercion of sexual contact. This may include anything from treating someone in a sexually demeaning manner to sexual assault.
  • Emotionally – Name calling, humiliating, diminishing achievements and abilities, and any other act intended to lower another person’s self-esteem may constitute emotional domestic violence.
  • Psychologically – Threatening to harm another individual, threatening self-harm, and intimidating or isolating another person all may constitute psychological domestic violence.
  • Economically – This can include making or attempting to make another individual financially dependent, whether by controlling financial resources, restricting access to money, or preventing them from attending work or school.

How Do Restraining Orders Work?

Each domestic violence case is unique. However, restraining orders are one of the most common temporary resolutions recommended. Otherwise known as protective orders, these are designed to prevent the accused from contacting his or her victim. Victims can request these court orders if they have been abused or threatened. 

Temporary restraining orders are also available for victims of stalking and civil harassment from roommates...

Often, domestic violence victims file temporary restraining orders (TRO). A TRO can order the accused to move out of the shared living space and to not contact the victim or their relatives. These orders stay in effect until a hearing is held in court, at which point it is decided if the TRO will continue and for how long.

Temporary restraining orders are also available for victims of stalking and civil harassment from roommates, neighbors, coworkers, and other non-relatives. Harassment may include unlawful violence, credible threats of violence, or any other threatening action.

Contact a Domestic Violence Attorney in Holland, PA

If you are a victim of domestic violence, the first step toward resolution is to contact a domestic violence attorney. With more than 20 years as a solo practitioner, attorney Robert Katzenstein has handled domestic violence cases of all kinds. Contact the Katzenstein Law Offices today to speak with him by calling (215) 322-3400 today.

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