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How to Get Custody as a Father

Child custody is a term used to describe the leal and practical relationship of a child to his or her parents with regard to care and decision-making.

If you're reading this, your definition may be quite different right now. Custody may feel like a weapon used by a misguided parent to punish a former partner. It may feel like a tool to gain leverage in a divorce or financial judgment. Tragically, it might even be a venue to retry unresolved issues in a failed relationship.

Make no mistake; it should be none of these. I represent child-focused parents in issues of custody and support. Many fine fathers come to me concerned that the deck is stacked against them for no better reason than their gender. In the past, this was certainly true, but the courts have begun to change along with the realities of modern parenting. I will not deny that fathers face a difficult and arduous process, but I’m proud to have successfully represented fathers in pursuit of fair custody arrangements. 

If you are wondering how to get custody as a father, I can tell you that fathers can even obtain primary physical custody, not anecdotally, not as a rumor, but having heard the decision read by a judge to my client standing next to me. Whether you are facing a custody matter in the course of a divorce or as a stand alone matter after an initial arrangement fails, I can provide not only a skilled practice of Family Law issues in Holland, PA, and 35 years of experience and familiarity with the courts and judges, but also the compassionate counsel of a devoted father and grandfather. 

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